Ordinary Greatness

with Kelly Giles

Empowerment Coach, Speaker & Writer

Are you ready to start taking some massive fucking action?

then you're in the right place

but let me begin by asking you a question....

Have you ever set yourself a goal that you were not able to achieve?


If your answer is yes then I know how you feel. In fact, I can probably describe how you feel...like a massive pile of suckiness.


But I'm going to let you in on a little secret.  

The reason you've not achieved your goals yet, isn't because you're not capable, but because you're not using the right strategy. In order to achieve our goals, not only do we need an action plan but we also need a plan for how we're going to deal with our self-sabotage. Because let's be super honest here and admit that 9 times out of 10 our lack of goal progress boils down to us sabotaging the fuck out of ourselves #justsaying.

So while we need an action plan, we also need to know how to break through our own blocks.

Sounds a bit simplistic right?

Well let me cut through the bullshit and get straight to the point. Achieving goals isn't just about taking action, it's about doing the inner work as well. You can write all the to-do lists in the world but if you're not dealing with your low self-belief, negative mindset, procrastination or perfectionism or any other ways you self-sabotage yourself, you're probably going to make zero fucking progress on your goals.


And what is the end result of that? A lifetime of dissatisfaction and playing small.

When I realised that taking action and doing the inner work go hand-in-hand, a lot of my goal failures started to make a whole lot of sense.

I didn't organise that charity event when I was a teenager.


Because I was scared of what others' would think, I didn't want to be visible.

I didn't stick with my boxing fitness.


Because I didn't want to be the only girl in the room.

I didn't stick with my karate as a child.


Because I didn't know anybody and was shy so I quit before I started.

I didn't get a first on my degrees even though I was less than 3% away.


Because I wanted to fit in with my group of friends, I was afraid of success and I didn't really believe I was capable to manage my exams.

Because of my own self-sabotage I started to develop a deep feeling of discontentment, frustration and disappointment which began to build up and eventually paved the way for self-loathing to creep in. I became well and truly stuck.

Then one day I realised that if I wanted my life to change, if I wanted to get unstuck and do the things I'd said I always wanted to do I had to do the work.

The lessons that I've learned on this journey, along with current research led me to create the And... Action process.

A process that focuses on addressing the ways we fuck up our own success and gives us the tools needed to build new foundations and habits that will pave a new path to our success. 

so tell me, do you...

- Struggle to see your goals through to the end?

- Beat yourself up for not doing enough, being enough or achieving enough?

- Get annoyed with yourself for spending too much time procrastinating but don't know how to break the cycle?

- Feel jealous about how easy other people make achieving their goals look?

- Realise that you need to start doing things differently if you want your life to change?

Just imagine for a minute what your life could be like if you became a goal getter, rather than a goal quitter

- You're excited because you have developed a well rounded action plan that is in alignment with who you are, your energy levels and sets you up to successfully achieve your goals.

- You're more productive, focused and self-assured. ​

You trust yourself and your decisions. Buh bye to procrastination and hello to success!

You've uncovered how you sabotage your own success and you have a rock solid plan in place to deal with that.

- You've dropped the comparison and now focus on your own path.

- You feel inspired, powerful and ready to knock your goals out the park.

Introducing the...

and...action course


A transformational personal development course that's based on the science of motivation, goal setting and goal achievement.

It's less about creating the perfect to-do list and more about gifting you with the tools needed to break through your own barriers to success.

It's the perfect online course that helps you transform your goal setting  and achievement process from the inside out!

this online program includes:

- 4 x Goal transformation video lessons

- transformational worksheets

- a goal mastery action planner

- a dedicated private facebook group with office hours

- lifetime access (you'll get any course updates or bonuses without any extra charge!)

course overview

lesson 1


In order to fully achieve our goals we need to learn what we need to consider when formulating our goals for them to be truly effective.

In Lesson One: Unpacking Your Goals you'll learn:

- Why the motives behind your goal are important to it's successful completion.

- What type of goal is best for maintaining motivation and        persistence.

- Why your chosen goal is important to you.

- The myth behind action and motivation and how the two of them really work.

- When you are at your best energetically

- Why arranging your environment for success makes it easier for you to accomplish your goals.


Want to learn how to smash your goals? It's called getting over your own bullshit. Break through your own sabotaging behaviour and watch your progress sky rocket.

In Lesson Two: Uncover Your Self-Sabotage you'll learn:

- The most common ways people tend to self-sabotage and why they really do it.

- The different types of self-handicapping strategies.

- The connection between perfectionism and self-sabotage and how to break it.

- How to beat your procrastination once and for all.

- How to navigate the challenges you face when trying to get out of your comfort zone.

Lesson 2


Learn how to plan for those self-sabotage moments in advance so you never get in the way of your own progress again!

In Lesson 3: Designing Your Coping Plans you'll learn:

- What a coping plan is and how they can help you navigate potential obstacles to achieving your goal.

- The signs of maladaptive coping.

- How important proactive coping strategies are.

- What 'If then' plans are and how to design them so that you can maintain your persistence with pursuing your goal when you encounter obstacles and setbacks.

lesson 3


The most exciting part when you get to bring everything together and create your bullet proof plan to smash your goals EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

In Lesson 4: Creating Your Goal Mastery Action Plan you will:

- Have a dedicated place to write why your goal is important to you so you can remind yourself on a daily basis why you want to achieve it.

- Create space and awareness of the common ways you might sabotage your goal progress within a given week with a clear list to hand of your 'if then' plans.

- Have space to create a self-care list and a what increases my energy list so you can remind yourself to treat yourself with compassion and love as you work on your goals.

- Decide how you will reward yourself for not only your daily and weekly progress on your goals but also when you complete your goal.

- Have daily and weekly reflective questions so you can track and review your progress.

Lesson 4

And for the first 10 buyers...

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