Ordinary Greatness

with Kelly Giles

Empowerment Coach, Speaker & Writer
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Empower. Embolden. Evolve.

Do these words RESONATE with you?

If so, then you are in the right place!

Have you been struggling with self-doubt, fear, procrastination, self-sabotage and all that other negative bullshit that gets in the way of you living an empowered life?

I hear you love! I've been where you've been. In fact, this is how I used to be a few years ago....


Chronic anxiety that becomes so normal you don't even realise you're anxious. Being terrified of failure, visibility, and rejection. Procrastinating, self-sabotaging and coming up with excuse after excuse as to why things aren't working. Feeling permanently frustrated and stuck. Blaming outward circumstances for my problems rather than looking at my mindset. Lethargy and apathy. Anger, irritability and thin patience....and eventually burnout.

Pretty shit right? But I turned my negativity and fears around and created a more empowered life and mindset.

And so can you!

I created Ordinary Greatness because I am passionate about helping others to uncover their own power and live bold, exciting and empowered lives.


Through my coaching program that is based on academic theory and scientific research you will learn how to take your power back in easy and practical ways.

The question is...are you ready to take your life back?

Client LOVE.

Before connecting with Kelly, I wasn’t completely unhappy with my current job but knew it wasn’t my passion. I had no desire to progress in the field that I was in. I really wanted to be a part of something that really inspired me and would get me excited. Kelly helped me to identify what this was.

Kelly taught me to show myself more self love. To follow the things that light me up. She helped to nut through my fears and always had suggestions when I was unclear with what I was wanting. She was always supportive and got excited for me, which when you are in a place of uncertainty, can really mean a lot. I now am doing working for a Personal Development company and have also enrolled in university to study psychology.

Kelly made me feel that my ideas weren’t crazy and she would guide me as to how to break down my ideas into goals. I wasn’t always told what I wanted to hear and she would tell it to me straight. Every session I would walk away feeling really inspired, excited, motivated and knowing that I was on the right track.


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I will say, jump, invest in yourself. Trust Kelly, trust yourself, you will be amazed! I have more compassion, more softening inside myself. I'm honoring where i am at and feel now that everything is going to be ok. The best part of working with Kelly was her ability to listen, her support, her kindness. She creates a beautiful space where everything can happen, the most beautiful things.

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About the founder

Kelly Giles, the creator and face behind Ordinary Greatness, is a straight-talking, no BS taking empowerment and mindset coach, speaker and writer with a background in psychology, criminology, social care and youth empowerment.


She is passionate about helping women and young people to uncover their true power, push through their fears and doubts and live empowered, passionate and bold lives.

Kelly achieves this through her UnF@*k Yourself and Flourish coaching program, a 12 week one-to-one coaching series that aims to help women empower their minds, smash their goals and live the life they've dreamed of living. UnF@*k Yourself and Flourish has been designed to provide real, practical advice based on academic theory and scientific research. Kelly is passionate about deconstructing knowledge that can often be inaccessible to the wider population. She wants you to gain the tools and strategies that will catapult you and your life forward in a way that doesn't break the bank.

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